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Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
night they now estimate 67 million of us watched a very energized mitt romney cruise to a consensus victory over president obama in their first of three debates. this now throws something of a change into the race and this only focuses more attention on the big and ongoing fight to swing those remaining undecided voters. they number about 5% of all voters. they take up 100% of the efforts of some of the campaign teams who have to find them and then hook them as harry smith recently saw in the critical state of north carolina. >> reporter: republican volunteers canvass in the neighborhoods of raleigh, north carolina. >> how are you today? >> reporter: this is real retail politics, the ultimate neighborhood watch. >> mitt romney. >> obama. >> thank you for your time. >> reporter: the grueling day by day search for the most important person in this election. the undecided voter. >> another double. >> reporter: and we found him. he's george manukus. >> you are aiming in the wrong direction. >> reporter: george is a registered independent who voted for john mccain four years ago but is s
Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm PDT
governor romney. he was impressed with what he saw last night. but he's still undecided. >> oh, boy. harry smith with the wild and woolly chase for the undecideds out there. thank you very -- looks like you had a good time at their house. >> i'll be happy to go back again. >> i think we should revisit after the election. thanks, harry. we have a lot more coming up this hour including the very simple question, what's the deal with gluten all of a sudden? gluten free everything is everywhere. and tonight we'll look at why now. >>> but next, he's worth billions. wears the same t-shirt every day and has his hands full in the big boy role of ceo. tonight, matt lauer talks to mark zuckerberg. >> do you think that the employees are comfortable to walk right up to you and say, excuse me, what do they call you? mark? >> mark. >> are they comfortable to call you up and ask you questions? >> no one calls me mr. zuckerberg. ask you questions? >> no one calls me mr. zuckerberg. [ male announcer ] whether it's kevin's smartphone... mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)